Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 1...

OK, so it’s not really day one of my journey…it’s just day one of my writing about it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of blogging for a while, but I wanted to make sure I’d have something to blog about. So a couple of weeks ago I started at my local Crossfit gym. I entered into that endeavor with heaps of trepidation. I was seriously intimidated, every person that I’d ever seen go in there, or come out of there is a near perfect physical specimen. They’re all in great shape, toned and gorgeous, and I’m not(to say the least). I was scared. The owner is one of “those” guys. He’s great looking, so unbelievably ripped, and I was certain that his ego would match. I was waiting for the condescension and yelling to begin. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. The owner, along with every coach I’ve met so far, is so far from what I thought. From the first minute, he was uber-supportive, willing to go at people’s different paces, match the learning to the individual, cheerful, and perhaps most surprising(at least to me), he was NICE. Not superficially nice, because he’s the owner, and he wanted our business, he’s a genuinely nice person. For the first six sessions, he taught us all so much, all the while, cheering us on, telling us all the amazing things we’re going to be able to do in time. I actually enjoyed being there. I’ve already noticed results(not so much physically, but I can do more push ups now than I could two weeks ago!!) and I do feel better. I went to my first group class on Monday, and even the other gym goers were super nice and supportive(that just boggles my mind, I’ve never had a workout experience quite like it before). Can’t wait until my next class!

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